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I discovered the world of Anne Givaudan by reading books of Daniel Meurois and Anne Givaudan. And one day I did the steps, I went to the seminar "Born to life to a new beginning" in 2007, given by Anne Givaudan and Antoine Achram. A work on the life, death, acceptance of suffering factors, support to the persons at the end of life, birth…

I first completed the three years of studies of psychomotor and then undertake the Essenes care training. Between the two formations, I attended the seminar to be master practitioner Shamballa Multidimensionnal Healing 13D ®.

In the blogs section, I try writing interesting topics from extracts (of books, blogs). I put my comments. It is of course my opinions, my thoughts that I share with you, dear readers. I would ask you to keep your free will, like me I will keep mine from your comments.